Thomas, Yard Sales and Baby Preparations

This weekend hubby and I took a 3 day weekend so that we could take our daughter to Day Out With Thomas. At this point in our lives we find it much more beneficial to take long weekends and do fun things like this with our daughter instead of taking one long vacation. As our kids get older we will probably switch back to a more traditional vacation, but for now, this works for us.

We had a great time at Day Out With Thomas and would definitely take her to another event like this. We went early and had a fairly early train ride time. This worked out very well as it wasn’t overly crowded during most of our time there. It was sad for me to see parents walking around talking on their phones, checking messages and such and missing their kids enjoying themselves. Why do they even bother going? Personally, I made it a point to stay off of my phone during the visit. This was a special time with my daughter and she deserved my full attention. The only casualty of the day was my camera case. Thankfully it was just the case and the small memory card that came with the camera. I guess I could have called and checked with the lost and found, but it wasn’t worth driving back there for a $10 camera case.

On Saturday we had another family day. This time we went out yard saleing together. I was specifically looking for a bassinet and possibly some clothes for the baby or my daughter. We have also been keeping an eye out for an easel in decent shape for my daughter and a small keyboard type toy for her. Well, Saturday was definitely our lucky day. We hit a community yard sale for a large community first. There we picked up a keyboard/desk toy for my daughter along with a free sandbox. At a church yard sale we got a few sandbox toys for her and I got some strawberries. Yum! We had to go unload the car at that point, but then we ran back out to another large church yard sale. This one had free pony rides so my daughter got her first pony ride of the season while I walked around checking out the sales. At that sale we picked up a bassinet and an easel for Pumpkin. On the way back home from that sale we stopped at an individual yard sale where I picked up some clothes for Pumpkin. Unfortunately, by that time Pumpkin was done so I didn’t get to look through the baby clothes they had there. Oh well, we still got very lucky in our finds this weekend.

Saturday night we had to run out to the store for a few odds and ends so we picked up some sand for Pumpkin’s table. She is now the happy owner of a sand table and various toys all for under $10. Ah, I love yard sales. We still need to make a cover for the table since that was missing, but for now we’re just keeping her table in the garage.

On Sunday we managed to actually get some stuff done around the house. I even finally went through the baby clothes I had stored. Since our daughter was born in December and this baby is due in June there isn’t a whole lot clothing wise that I will be able to reuse, but I did find a few things. I also took apart the bassinet we bought Saturday so I can get it cleaned up. Now I have a pile of baby laundry sitting there waiting for me to pick up some detergent so I can get it washed. There is still a fair amount of stuff to do to prepare for baby, but we are getting there. At least now the baby will have a place to sleep. I have been very lax about getting prepared for this baby.

Tomorrow I’ll post about our garden update. We made some more progress in there this weekend. Yeah!

What did you accomplish this weekend?


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