Garden Update

After a few delays, here is my garden update for the week:

This past weekend we did a little more planting in the garden. This time we planted tomatoes and cherry tomates. Unfortunately I can’t remember the exact varieties right now. We also planted some cauliflower and hubby planted some corn seeds. I still need to get my carrots and pumpkin planted so it looks like I have work to do this weekend.

My lettuce is up and looking good. In another week or so I expect I’ll have to thin it out. My garlic is also looking good. Unfortunately it looks like none of my shallots are coming up. I planted them about three weeks ago and haven’t seen any sign of them sprouting. I guess I’ll give them another week and then plant something else there. Maybe chives. I’ve had good luck with chives in the past.

One of my watermelon plants died and the scond one isn’t looking very good. I also haven’t seen any new growth on the blueberry bushes so I’m thinking we may have lost them. I don’t know if I’ll buy another one this year or just wait until next year. I plan to run out and pick up a few more plants this weekend so it will depend on what they have avilable and how it looks.

How is your garden doing?


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