Homemade Preserves and Canning Planning

This weekend it was all about homemade preserves at my house. On Saturday we went and did pick your own strawberries at a local farm. We managed to get some strawberries, but the fields were very picked over so we wound up paying a lot more for local strawberries at another stand. Next year we decided that we will have to do pick your own the first day the fields are open to get the best berries possible. At least my daughter got to enjoy her first pick your own experience. She may have even sampled a berry or two in the field.

On Sunday my mom and I got together and actually made the preserves and canned them. It was a long day with a lot of time on my feet, but I think it was worth it to have the delicious homemade preserves. My daughter even sampled some straight out of the bowl. She didn’t need any bread of a cracker to go with her preserves.

The jars in the picture are all the preserves we made yesterday. We wound up with 17 jars of strawberry preserves, 9 jars of pineapple preserves and 8 jars of strawberry pineapple preserves. I think my favorite is the strawberry pineapple which was a last minute addition. Here is the recipe for the strawberry pineapple jam. We did use fresh pineapple instead of canned though. Seriously, if I’m going through the effort to make homemade then I’m going to use fresh ingredients when at all possible. The thought of using canned pineapple in syrup to make jam just seems wrong to me.

I’ve already started thinking of what other items I want to try making this year. I came across a recipe for Pineapple Banana Jam that we’re thinking about trying. I also want to try making some of this Four Ingredient Tomato Sauce and either canning or freezing it. And of course I plan to freeze and dry various herbs and veggies from our garden.

What about you, are you planning to do any preserving this year? If so I’d love to know what.


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