Gift Cards and a Spending Challenge

On my last credit card statement I saw that I had a bunch or rewards points so I decided to cash them in. I was able to get $80 in gift cards to Safeway and $40 for CVS. For fun I want to see how long I can make them last. Lately I have been doing most of our grocery shopping at the farmer’s market so the Safeway cards will mostly be used for dairy products. But the CVS card should be a lot more fun to stretch out. With a new baby in the house we are always looking for diaper deals and CVS always has deals on all kinds of other products. Join me each week as I post an update of what I was able to get with my gift cards and how much money I have left to do it with. I’m excited to see how much stuff I can get for “free”.

I have also decided to cut our weekly grocery spending for awhile. For the next month I will be posting a tally of how much I spend and where I spent it as it relates to my grocery and household spending. My goal is to keep my spending below $40.00 for food and $20.00 for baby and household items. It will be interesting to see how I do with this and if these are realistic figures for our household.

How much does your family typically spend for food and household items? And how many people are you buying for?


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