About Buffie

Hello everyone. My name is Buffie and I am a 30 something mom to one very active toddler with another child on the way. Since Pumpkin joined our family two years ago life has been an adventure. There are times when I think that adding a second child just may be more than we can handle.

I currently have a full time job outside of the home as does my husband. It can get pretty crazy around here trying to balance all the aspects of my life. To help save my sanity I have come to rely on keeping things organized. Some would say that I’m a little OCD. Yet somehow I always feel disorganized.

Outside of being a mom, I am also still Buffie and I love to journal, write, sew, cook and organize. In case that isn’t enough I’m also trying to improve my family’s eating habits. My life is very full and there never seems to be enough hours in the day.

Join me as I chronicle my adventures as a mom and try to balance being a mom with being myself.

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